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We believe that we offer our clients a great depth of experience, broad practice areas, and superior client legal services.
Wallace, Morris, Barwick, Landis & Stroud, P.A. is organized to serve you by allowing you to select an attorney who principally concentrates in the area of law most associated with your case. By having attorneys with diverse practices, it also provides you with access to teams of attorneys with the knowledge and experience to handle complex issues involving multiple areas of law.
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Our firm is also committed to community and professional service. The firm’s lawyers have consistently participated in a variety of civic and professional endeavors. We encourage our lawyers and staff to pursue their interests in these areas. Our lawyers have been very active in civic affairs by holding leadership positions in the Chamber of Commerce, civic organizations, and multiple charitable organizations. We are totally committed to and involved with city and county government and state bar organizations
Our clients’ legal costs are minimized whenever possible by directing work to the lawyer who can most completely and efficiently perform it. In many instances, part of an assignment can be most cost-effectively performed by non-lawyers; therefore, we have developed an excellent legal assistant staff. This staff is comprised of qualified paralegals, legal secretaries, and administrative personnel. They are readily available to assist you. Clients are encouraged to call paralegals directly to ask questions and check on the status of their file.


Wallace, Morris, Barwick, Landis & Stroud, P.A. — Legal Assistance in Kinston, NC 28501
As we look ahead to the future, we feel it is important to remember the deep roots that the firm has in the area and honor those attorneys who built the foundation of legal excellence and superior client service which has become synonymous with our firm.
Our firm began when Fitzhugh E. Wallace, Sr. moved from Kenansville to Kinston in 1920 and started his own law firm. Fitzhugh, Sr. was active in the state legislature and served as President of the North Carolina Bar Association. Fitzhugh Wallace, Jr. joined his father in 1949 forming the firm of Wallace & Wallace. In November of 1963, Fitzhugh Wallace, Jr. and R. S. Langley formed the firm of Wallace & Langley which shortly thereafter became Wallace, Langley & Barwick after P.C. Barwick joined the firm.
R. A. Whitaker started his practice in Kinston in 1925 and was later joined by A. H. “Bootsie” Jeffress, forming the firm of Whitaker & Jeffress, which later became Whitaker, Jeffress & Morris, after Thomas H. Morris joined the firm. Whitaker, Jeffress & Morris merged with Hodges & Rochelle and ultimately the firm became Morris, Rochelle, Duke & Braswell.
In 1986, Wallace, Langley, Barwick, Landis & Rodgman merged with Morris, Rochelle, Duke & Braswell to form the firm of Wallace, Morris, Barwick & Rochelle, P.A. In 2009 our law, known as Wallace, Morris, Barwick, Landis & Stroud, P.A., merged with the Wilson and Raleigh firm of Rose Rand Attorneys, P.A. to form Rose Rand Wallace Attorneys, P.A. In 2012, the law firm of Rose Rand Wallace Attorneys, P.A. became two separate firms—Cauley Pridgen, P.A. located in Wilson and Raleigh and Wallace, Morris, Barwick, Landis & Stroud, P.A. located in Kinston.
Based in Kinston, Wallace, Morris, Barwick, Landis & Stroud, P.A. is a full-service law firm serving all of eastern North Carolina.